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Toyota Festival of 86

Toyota Festival of 86

G’day Automotive Fans? Car Fans?… Let me work on that, but you’re definitely Fans! It was another weekend of awesome cars for me, although not quite in the environment I’m use to. I had the privilege of being invited out to the second annual Festival of 86 by Toyota Australia.

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Motor Mag Twilight Track Night – Feb 2013

The Formula Companies Ferrari and Maclaren

Back out at Sydney Motorsport Park again for the Motor Magazines Twilight Track Night. More awesome cars on track, but the sunset didn’t want to play nice this time. Check out some of the pictures and videos below. Check out the photos and videos below.

Motor Magazine Track Night – Jan 2013

Motor Magazine’s Twilight Track Night… Some photo’s and videos of the cool cars (Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, BMW’s, AMG’s, Audi’s, Evo’s even a Mclaren MP4) and an awesome sunset at Sydney Motorsport Park (or Eastern Creek Raceway as it use to be known). The photos are now on Flickr – and the videos are now on YouTube –

You might even find some of my photo’s on Motor Magazine’s website –