Bathurst 12 Hour 2017 – The Story Behind The Photo

Bathurst 12 Hour 2017

Before the season kicked off, I shared the evolution of my Bathurst 12 Hour start photo. Now it’s time to add a new chapter to that story with my start photo from the 2017 edition of the Bathurst 12 Hour.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been one of maybe two accredited photographers that have headed to the top of the Mount Panorama for the start of the Bathurst 12 Hour. I’ve created some stunning light trail photos as the cars drop down through the Essess during the opening laps of the race, before the sunrise.

The shot that I took last year caused a reaction with a lot of the other photographers, forcing them to rethink their approach to the start of this years race. As a result, dozens of them headed to the top of the mountain to try to replicate it.

Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour - 2017

I’d already planned to do something different this year. Initially had a couple of different concepts in mind, but once I realised how many other photographers were planning on heading to the top of the mountain for the start, I made sure I stayed down the bottom of the mountain for the start, to create something unique.

After second guessing myself a few times on the drive into the circuit, I took up a position at the at top of the spectator hill at Hell Corner to try to get some elevation over the track. Usually photographers setup to shoot the start of race with the cars coming towards them down the main straight, which is something that I do for the Bathurst 1000 and 6 Hour. However in an effort to create something new and different, I chose to shoot the rear view of the cars heading up mountain straight for the first time.

The combination of blue hour, clouds and the orange of the pre-dawn sun on the horizon add an interesting dynamic to the light trails heading up mountain straight with the cars two wide under the safety car for the opening lap. The rest of the sunrise was a bit hit and miss. The cloud closed in during the first few hours of the race. While we had brief moment where the clouds really popped, we didn’t really get those magic golden hour shots that the 12 hour is famous for.

But that’s why we Motorsport Photographers keep coming back. There’s always something to improve upon at the next event, even if it’s beyond our control.

Below are a couple more photos from the start of the 2017 Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour. If you’d like to see more photos head on over to my Facebook page where I’ve shared some of my customers galleries.

Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour - 2017
Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour - 2017
Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour - 2017

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